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True North means aligning with your calling, getting in touch with your inner-knowing, and discovering the right path.  At True North Equine the mission is to do that with horses.  Macey helps horses and people discover their fullest potential through training, lessons, and facilitation.  For more information on Macey, read on below.  

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My Story

Macey comes from a background in showing western and hunter pleasure horses. She has over 20 years of experience working in the equine industry. She has won multiple Regional and National championships in the Morgan horse show circuit, as well as USEF region horse of the year awards. In addition to competing in the Morgan show circuit, Macey has ridden with and apprenticed for many top level riders in dressage, trail, english and western. 


Although Macey’s background is in competitive riding, her approach to horses and riders has been heavily influenced by her work in the equine assisted learning and therapy field. After graduating college with a BA in Sociology, Macey attended trainings at the Gestalt Equine Institute of the Rockies. This was where Macey began to realize what a profound impact horses can truly have on humans. She went on to obtain her certification in equine facilitated learning from The HERD institute where she currently works as an affiliate instructor and offers horsemanship sessions and clinics to current and prospective students. 


Macey’s approach in working with horses is a relational one. She believes horses want harmony and connection. Any issues that arise in your horse are opportunities for the horse to be heard and the human to listen and adapt. Macey acknowledges that horses call us to our greatness and they offer us opportunities to grow, heal and evolve as humans. She currently operates True North Equine at Sycamore Canyon Equestrian Center in San Dimas CA.  Macey also works as the Western coach for Cal Poly Pomona’s equestrian team.

Macey's focus is on developing relational horsemanship skills in the human and instilling confidence and trust in horses. To achieve this her emphasis is on developing somatic awareness and mental clarity in the rider, and focusing on relationship building and connection with the horses.  The goal is to truly enjoy the company of your horse and make your dreams, whatever they may, be a tangible reality. If you wish to deepen your understanding of yourself, improve your horsemanship, and become a competent, confident rider, contact Macey below to take the next steps in your equine journey!


Feel free to email or call if you have further questions.

Thank you!

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