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Explore possibility, expand your perceptions and Evolve in your life.  Find your internal compass and realize your full potential though working with horses. Become aligned with the power and potential that is already inside you. Explore. Expand. Evolve. 

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Committed to helping you and your horse succeed 

True North is here to assist with your specific horse or human need.  Addressing a wide range of training needs for both horse and rider.  


True North offers Equine Facilitated Learning for various populations  


True North Equine offers horsemanship and EFL workshops.


   EFL workshops will aid in improving your relationships with others, becoming alined with your authentic self and obtaining strategies to implenmet in your personal and professional life.  

Horsemanship workshops will focus on improving your communication and relationship with your horse. Cultivating your awareness of yourself and your horse to build a lasting partnership.  

Equine Facilitated Learning

Equine Facilitated Learning is a experiential modality. Sessions take place working with horses to learn and grow in ones personal and or professional life. EFL sessions promote increased awareness, improved inter and intra personal relationships and aids in bettering communication and connection. 


 True North specializes in working with horse owners, educators, coaches, young adults, college students, families, couples, teams and individuals.   

Horse Training and Coaching

At True North relationships are key. Building a strong trusting loving relationship with your equine partner is the cornerstone of longterm success. Lessons and instruction is offered to aid in achieving your specific goals with your horse. 


Horsemanship EFL sessions

these sessions are aimed to improve communication, strengthen confidence and build lasting horse human relationships


Riding instruction 

offering western and english riding lessons as well as work with obstacles and trail riding. Focusing on developing riders to be soft in both body and mind. 


Horse training

 Offering full and part time training programs. Western and Hunter pleasure, trail riding, obstacles, problem solving. 


Horse Training and Instruction

At True North  relationships are key! Building a strong loving and trusting relationship with your equine partner is the cornerstone of long term success. Lessons and instruction are offered to aid in achieving your specific goals with your  horse. 


Equine Facilitated Horsemanship- These sessions improve communication, strengthen confidence and build lasting horse- human relationships. It also serves to strengthen and enhance a person's connection to their horses and themselves. 

Riding instruction- Offering western, english, obstacles and trail riding. The focus is to   develop confident and compassionate riders. 

Horse Training -Full and part time training programs are offered. Problem solving, trail riding, competitions, rehabilitation, conditioning and  tune-ups.  Utilizing a relational holistic approach in training.

Equine Facilitated Learning

Equine facilitated learning is an experiential modality of self discovery which has many benefits for a wide range of populations.  


Participants will learn:

-New critical life skills

-Build confidence

-Learn how to trust

-Manage stress

-Develop better communication.


The field of equine assisted learning and therapy is a growing field for personal growth, learning and therapy. Many corporations utilize this way of learning to help with workplace cohesion and corporate leadership trainings.


EFL can be a powerful experience for any person looking to learn and grow. Sessions take place working with horses on the ground with the help of a facilitator. The magic of EFL begins with the nature of the horse being a prey animal. Because of this equines must stay vigilant in the present moment for their survival. This instinctual way of being  in the horse nudges participants to align with the here and now.  During sessions the horses help to illustrate issues or lessons relevant in the participant's  lives. As people get to experience  and process what they are going through in real time with the horses, participants can begin to draw meaning  from their  interactions and observations with the horses.  After sessions individuals are able to apply these valuable and meaningful lessons  into their lives. 

True North Specializes in working with horse owners, educators, coaches, young adults, college students, families, children, couples, teams and individuals. 


True North offers horsemanship and EFL workshops. 

EFL Workshops will aid in improving your relationships with others, becoming aligned with your most authentic self and obtaining strategies to implement in your personal and or professional life. 

Horsemanship Workshops will focus on improving your communication and connection with your horse.  Learning to be more aware in the moment, correctly interpreting what your horses are communicating and cultivating a presence that your horse will enjoy. The aim will be to foster a better relationship for both you and your equine partner, ultimately creating a  lasting bond. 


Macey McCallion

Trainer, Coach, EFL Practitioner

Macey has been around horses for the past 30 plus years and that has imbued her with many insights and knowledge. Before she was aware that Equine Facilitated Learning existed she thought horses had the potential to help and teach humans. This curiosity lead her to study Gestalt Equine Psychotherapy at the Gestalt Equine Institute of the Rockies. Macey ended up getting certified through The HERD Institute in Equine Facilitated Learning. She offers EFL to a diverse population. In addition to offering Equine Facilitated Learning, Macey offers horsemanship lessons and horse training. She comes from a background working with many top level riders-trainers as well as always continuing her education in all matters equine. Macey is influenced by the work of many pioneers in the horse industry. She is inspired by the wisdom of Ray hunt and often refers to his quotes. One of her favorites is, "You are not working on the horse, you are working on yourself." Macey strives to encourage the human to become the change they wish to see in their horses. Macey offers a unique holistic relational approach in working with horses and riders. She also offers Equine Facilitated Horsemanship for specific needs of the rider, including overcoming your fears, improving communication, leadership and strengthening the horse-human relationship.


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